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Stay Sterile

Safe Wand


Hand held UV sterilizing wand. Sterilize surfaces and large objects in seconds.

Eliminate any viruses, bacteria, and pathogens you didn’t know were there

  • Safe - Provides complete protection while sterilizing. No toxins, chemicals or residue
  • Strong UV Disinfection - Medical grade sterilizing, killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs
  • Fast and Easy - Simply sweep the UV sterilizer for 20 seconds across any surface or object
  • Multi-Purpose - Quickly and efficiently sterilize any surface or large object
  • Portable- Carry on you when going out or put it in your suitcase when traveling
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        Keep Your Environment Sterile

        Beds, kitchens, closets - all of our most intimate places are packed with germs and bacteria. Unlike traditional disinfectants, Safe Wand+ can be used on everything from your clothes and furniture to your cutting board and cutlery. The compact design makes it easy to carry with you when traveling, perfect to sterilize your airplane sit or hotel room.

        According to the CDC and the World Health Organization: 

        “Sterilizing ourselves, our surroundings, and belongings several times a day can save you and your loved one’s life in the post-Covid-19 epidemic reality.” 

        Designed for User Safety

        Safe Wand+ can be used to sterilize any surface, and doesn't leave any residue, chemicals, odor or pollution. 
        With user safety in mind, and in order to avoid staring directly into any UV light, Safe Wand+ includes a built-in safety feature whereby the device will only activate when it is facing down. Avoid direct exposure to the skin, pets or plants.

        Safe Wand+ meets the highest level of user safety standards and comes with a CE, PSE, RoHS and FC certificates.

        Protect Your Health by Using UV Light to Kill Harmful Bacteria

        Ultraviolet sterilization has been used successfully by hospitals for years, only recently as of the growing urgency for a cleaner and safer environment, smaller household versions were made available to the public. UV penetrates the cells of viruses, pathogens and other microorganisms, damages their DNA and eliminates 99% within seconds.

        Alex Berezow, from the American Council on Science and Health:

        “UV light kills everything: bacteria, fungi, viruses. It should kill coronavirus because of its high frequency that scrambles and damages their nuclear material” 

        How To Use Safe Wand

        Getting Started

        Safe Wand works on pretty much any surface, from your electronics to your furniture.

        Cleaning the Surface

        Open Safe Wand up and direct the UV-C light down toward the surface of the item. Hold it approximately 6 inches above the area in question.

        Making Sure It’s Sanitized

        Ensure the targeted area is covered in light for about 20 seconds, allowing the UV light to target the virus’s DNA and eliminate them

        Keep your Loved Ones Safe!

        Young children and the elderly have the highest risk of getting ill when exposed to bacteria. It is our responsibility to keep our family and friends as safe as possible. Buy Safe Wand+ today and embrace a safer, healthier life.

        Safe Wand

        Safe Wand