Why are these UV sterilizing products going absolutely viral right now? How does UV light protect us from coronavirus and other life-threatening bacteria?

"Ultraviolet light kills 99% of bacteria in seconds, this technology saves lives ….” says Nathalie, a Co-founders of Stay Sterile, “Hospitals have embraced UV light sterilization for years, now smaller household versions of the these products became available to consumers looking to sterilize pretty much everything from their phones to toothbrushes or even cosmetics.”

We have sat down with the Co-founder of Stay Sterile to find out more about these life changing products. 

So why is it so important to keep our belongings and environment sterilized now?

I have always been a person who is very concerned about personal hygiene, especially as I have young children and elderly parents to worry about, but when the virus broke out, It really opened my eyes to the dangers of different viruses and bacteria which we all have in our personal environment.

It made me wonder, am I doing enough to keep me and my family safe? and the answer was NO!

Different disinfectants have been available on the markets for years, why should we use UV light products?

Hospitals have been using ultraviolet lights as a sterilization tool for years. 

I was absolutely stunned when I first found out that UV light kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds(!). 

I mean, how come I never heard of these UV sterilizers and are they available for the average person?  

I found that up until recently, UV sterilizing products were not available to your everyday consumer but as of the growing urgency for a cleaner and safer environment, companies shifted their focus to creating products which are available for the general public

I mean, having these products at home could really save peoples’ lives. You understand? 

I want that massage out there!

Since then, I made it my personal mission to raise awareness of this technology so that every person could have the opportunity to keep themself and their loved ones safe.

Understanding how life-saving UV sterilization can be, I decided to create my own line of products that can be easily combined with your daily routine and affordable to all!

Our products are designed to be simple and efficient, sterilizing 99% of bacteria in just one click of a button.

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Tell us about some of your favorite product

Umm, I think that would be the Go Safe Bag+ Being a parent could be difficult sometimes, keeping your own belongings sterile not to mention your family’s is an enormous task by itself, this is why I love my bag, it is so versatile...I can sterilize anything from my cosmetics to my children's toys within seconds. One click and you're done... It's that simple! Your wallet has more bacteria than a public toilet seat , did you know that ? Our closest belongings such as wallets, keys, jewelry and pretty much everything else is covered by millions of harmful bacteria! This is something one should not take lightly! so no matter where I go, I always have my safe bag+ with me.

What would you recommend me to buy?

Well, that really depends on your lifestyle. We have products to cover all life scenarios and to help maintain a completely germ free daily routine. For example, one of our best selling products is dedicated to something which we all use everyday, our phone .Your cell phone can be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, yet an average person uses it with his hands and face for hours on a daily basis. With safe Charge+ you can sterilize your phone within seconds while charging it. Whenever you travel for example , then the Safe Wand+ is a must, a portable handheld UV sterilizer that can disinfect large surfaces within seconds. Super useful when you're in a hotel or a Airplane..

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