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Be Smart. Stay Sterile.

Discover must-have UV sterilizing products for your everyday life

According to the CDC and world health organization

“Sterilizing ourselves, our surroundings and belongings a number of times a day can save you and your loved one’s life in the post Covid-19 epidemic reality“ 

Keep your belongings sterile with Go Safe Bag+

Most people are not aware but there are more germs on your keys, wallet or headphones than on an average toilet seat. Keeping your belongings sterile will significantly decrease your exposure to harmful bacteria and help maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle. Discover Go Safe+ our portable UV sterilizing bag

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Keep your phone sterile and charged with Safe Charge+

Your phone can be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, yet an average person uses it with his hands and face for hours on a daily basis. Keeping your phone sterile is crucial for a germ-free lifestyle. Discover Safe Charge+ our sterilizing mobille charger.

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Your loved ones deserve to be safe, keep your environment sterile with Safe Wand+

Beds, kitchens, closets - all of our most intimate places are packed with germs and bacteria, keep your family and friends at harm's way by using Safe Wand+ our portable surface sterilizer

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Keep your mouth bacteria free with Safe Brush

Your toothbrush is home to more than 100 million bacteria. Keeping your toothbrush sterile is crucial for a safe and healthy lifestyle. Discover Safe Brush our toothbrush sterilizing device.

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